AMI Global Market is a group of agents of foreign trade located in different countries of the world, who has been born in order to facilitate the internationalization of companies and support its implementation in new markets, seeking new business opportunities and streamline the entry of firms in a global world, where there is a multitude of potential customers in different parts of the world.


Globalization is the great economic phenomenon of our era, which offers unprecedented opportunities in all parts of the world.


What do we do?

MP900285169Count on us to open new markets and expand your business, to pursue opportunities, value and develop a strategy to measure, that allows you to access new customers and develop your business in a global market.

We evaluate your capacity of entrance, we studied the product and the best market for, we analyzed it, we designed the strategy, and we are with you to give advising, management and pursuit to you throughout the process of export and internationalization.



We have experience and direct bonding with different organisms, institutions and agents of eighteen countries, in four continents; in which thanks to the years that we took working with them, nowadays it does possible that we have ample data bases of information and important networks of enterprise contacts.


Where are we?

With the purpose of to facilitate the managements and to improve our service, as much in the country of origin as in the one of destiny, we counted on offices in eleven countries and continued working to increase the number of these.


How do you move the world?

The world does not stop turning, and in that movement we can find many opportunities to move with him, it is necessary to see towards where it goes, and to know who moves in him.
In our section of the news we want to share with you all this information.



Besides the opportunities that we can detect by the demand and situation that is occurring in each market, as well as by the knowledge of different models and its form to operate; also many other opportunities exist that arise daily in the companies like needs; and which finding their opposing, demand or supply, become business.

 You do not doubt in letting to us know it.