Chile – Opportunities

Chile is considered to be a country with a huge variety of sectors offering profitable opportunities for investments. Chile’s location, geography and natural resources provide a great number of competitive advantages in many industries and sectors such as Mining, Energy, Infrastructure, food sector and IT among others.



Chile 1In 2012 agribusiness exports in Chile reached almost 14 million dolars, with foods accounting for more than 17% of the country’s total exports. Chile contains one of the best world region with a Mediterranean climate, offering excellent conditions for fruit growing. Moreover,, the country’s length and diversity of climates provide opportunity for year-round growth of fruits and vegetables. Chile is the world’s leading exporter of grapes, plums and blueberries and among the three leading exporters of avocadoes, kiwis, raspberries and apples. A coastline that stretches for more than 4,300 km offers also a variety of conditions for aquaculture, including Chile’s salmon of which it is the world’s second largest producer. Chilean products are present in markets around the world and for example each day 16.9 million people drink a glass of Chilean wine.



Chile has an installed capacity of 17.6 GW. In 2012, gross electricity generation in the SIC and SING (two main transmission systems) reached a total of 65,547 GWh, up by 5.8% on 2011.

In 2012, hydroelectricity (excluding mini-plants of less than 20 MW) accounted for 29.3% of generation, gas for 19%, coal for 41%, diesel for 5.9% and alternative renewable energies for 4.8%. As a result, 65.9% of the country’s electricity was generated from fossil fuels. The country’s projected economic growth implies increased demand for electricity which is forecast to rise by around 5% a year through to 2020, creating opportunities for investment in generation and transmission. Chile is aiming to diversify its sources of energy supply in the medium to long-term and a number of attractive financial incentives are being introduced for geothermal, wind and solar projects.



Over the past thirty years, Chile has achieved an important leap forward in connectivity. This is largely the result of public efforts accompanied by the private sector’s participation through the Concessions System created in 1991. Chile’s Concessions System has become a reference internationally, offering 71 tenders of which 66 have already been awarded. The concession company builds and operates the infrastructure. The portfolio of projects for the period 2012-2014 envisages tenders for contracts worth a total of 7.7 billion dolares, including the creation of higher standard roads, hospitals, and airports.



Chile 2Thanks to abundant copper resources, progressive legislation and a healthy investment environment, Chile has become the copper mining capital of the world, producing over a third of global output (Chile accounts for 28% of global copper reserves).  Out of 15 leading mining engineering offices in the world, 11 have a subsidiary in Chile. Besides its strength in Copper, Chile is also the world’s largest producer of lithium and rhenium, third in molybdenum, fifth in silver and 15th in gold. Chile has 4,000 mining suppliers who include world-class companies. Projected investment in mining projects in Chile planned for the next eight years amount to of US$ 104 billion. More than 13 billion dolars are spent every year on supplies for the operation of the mining industry in Chile, 40% of all Latin American spending in this area.

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