AMI Global Market


One of the main objectives of AMI Global Market is to offer our customers the best service and ensure the success of international operations are carried out, for it all the agents that are part of this organization are market experts in the which they serve, and have years of experience serving as international trade agents, such as take several years living in different markets.
Being able to operate in multiple markets and have a number of offices in different countries, we can detect which is the best market at all times for each of our clients, to generate various business opportunities, and provide a closer and much more agile in solving the different situations and procedures that require export operations and internationalization.


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Given the obligation to improve every day and offer greater opportunities will continue to increase the number of branches in countries where we have presence in markets right now and are demanded by customers as well as those other countries are forecast market opportunities and the ability to do business in a sustainable way over time.


We are currently present in:



Europasobre es Spain
sobre pt-pt Portugal
sobre fr France
sobre belgica Belgium
sobre holanda Netherlands
sobre luxemburgo Luxembourg
sobre de Germany
sobre suecia Sweden
sobre en England

Latin America




sobre méxico Mexico
sobre chile Chile
sobre bandera Nicaragua Nicaragua


Africaasobre images Mozambique
sobre angola Angola
sobre Cabo verde Cape Verde



sobre zh-hant China




You can contact each of the agents that manage these markets, clicking on the envelope that is located to the left of each country.