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The opening and expansion of the international market, is an important and necessary step for the survival of the company, in an increasingly globalized environment.

However, the internationalization process is not easy, should be studied, search options, and define the most appropriate strategy with which to enter the new market, we ensure the greatest benefits and allow us to carry out a solid implementation company.

The reason that we have sought the best professionals in International Trade, backed by their vast experience and living in each of the markets in which we operate, and allowing us to accompany you throughout the process of export and internationalization of your company, make it easy and offer the best solutions, as well as other opportunities that may be of interest to your business.

Among others, our main services are:


Strategies as

We adapt to you, study your needs and propose you the best strategy for your business expansion, we are with you throughout the process and we monitor the success.

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A brief review of the potential of your company to export or internationalize, and a brief analysis of markets with opportunities for products or services you offer, as well as cultural and economic variables.


Market Research

General environment analysis which studies the sociocultural dimension, economic, technological and political market consumer study to be focused on the product or service, the who, how, when, where and why consumers buy, what are its characteristics cultural, social, personal, and as produced the buying process, and of course who our current competition in the market, potential competition and substitute products that must be taken into account.


Product analysis 

Potential suppliers needed, special market conditions, consumer habits who guide our product or service specifications or adjustments necessary to carry out our product as well as required approvals and certificates issued by third parties necessary to ensure standards quality.

 World Eye

Commercial introduction

We developed databases, we make the first contact, we learn about them, and we will prepare your visitor Agenda, which will accompany you and we will follow-up visits and contacts in order to make the most of the journey made.


Support commercial efforts on arrival

Preparation of seminars and conferences for your company representation in fairs, promotional activities at point of sale of your product or service, management and implementation of direct and indirect trade missions, as well as any other commercial activity that encourages sale, and implementation of your business.


Business Monitoring

Of the visits, contacts made, seminars, conferences, promotion and any other activity that has taken place in the country of destination that maximizes the resources invested in these actions.


Advice on grants and subsidies

Assessment and management of all those aids or subsidies that exist in both the country of origin and the destination country, to encourage companies export operations and support the process of internationalization.


Guidance on funding for foreign trade operations

As in grants and aids also offer advice on the different institutions that offer financing, the characteristics of each of its financial products and managing them. We also offer information on payment and collection instruments used in the destination country as well as those other most used in international trade.


Support commercial efforts and cooperative agreements abroad

Man and woman shaking hands isolated on a white background.We offer support procedures and contractual arrangements with suppliers, distributors, employees and partners destiny, to formalize distribution agreements, joint venture establishments, international franchising, contract manufacturing, Piggy-Back, …


 High of companies, branches, subsidiaries, branches, recruitment, …

Location of offices or warehouses, high management in all its forms, and business start-up by providing the structure and personnel needed for proper operation.