Opportunities in Sweden

Business infrastructure and services

Sweden is a leading industrial nation with a long history within traditional industry. Over the past decade a trend towards the “servicification” of industry has become key to support and develop the traditional sectors. The development of the service sector is seen in both industrial support services as well as in new service companies that meet the demands of a mature market in a competence driven economy. Services account for 70 percent of the GDP and employment in most EU member states. In Sweden, services account for 80 percent of employment, mostly in knowledge intensive sectors. Sweden has established its strength and resiliency when faced with European and world economic setbacks. With an EU directive to establish a common market for services, Sweden is the ideal gateway into the Nordics and Europe.


Energy and Environment

sweden1Sweden is a global leader in Renewable Energy, Environmental Technology and Cleantech. The country fully embraces green technologies and this area has a major business potential. Several hundred biogas plants provide electricity, heat and fuel to Swedish cities, and district heating and cooling systems reach large shares of the population. The goal is to reach a 50 percent share of renewable energy by 2020. Sweden is among the world leaders within bio energy use and technology. There is a full value chain coverage from raw material handling and processing to an optimized end product mix. Moreover swedish research in photovoltaic technology is outstanding. In hybrid solar technology Swedish research and technologies are leading. Several multinational companies are using and further developing Swedish research findings. Sweden is also a hotspot for wind farm construction and by 2020, a 20-fold increase is projected. The targeted wind power output is 30 TWh from 5,000 new wind turbines representing an investment volume of some EUR 15 billion.


Health Care and Life Science
Sweden is the home of one of Europe’s largest and most dynamic life science industries with world-class companies, internationally acclaimed science, and a proud track record of investment in tomorrow’s innovations. As a global leader in the field of Life Sciences, Sweden hosts regional clusters with different expertise, providing business opportunities in an environment dedicated to medical innovation, drug discovery and pharmaceutical commercialization. Sweden’s success rests on an unswerving commitment to excellence in R&D and drug discovery. The per capita spending on life science research is the highest in Europe. Swedish universities have special knowledge and skills in areas ranging from cancer and diabetes research to medical devices and stem cell therapies. Specialist fields include drug discovery in infections and metabolic diseases, immunology and neuroscience, as well as advanced tools for diagnostics and bio production. Sweden is renowned for its high-quality clinical trials and biobanks.



Not only does Swedesweden2n offer a dynamic business environment for developing information and communication technologies, it is also a world leader in converting technology into commercially viable products and applications. Decades of experience within the areas of telecoms, wireless, electronics, computer game development and web applications/design, make Sweden an ideal place for ICT related R&D. Ericsson, Google, Apple, ARM, Electronic Arts, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Qualcomm, RIM, Skype and Sony as well as many others are in Sweden to develop their technologies. Many other companies are following in their footsteps as Sweden offers innovation and multiple investment opportunities in telecom, web, industrial IT, computer games, ecommerce, imaging and e-Health. Clusters for ICT development are found throughout the country. Highly skilled engineers, the presence of the world’s leading technology companies, demanding corporate clients and strong technology adoption position Sweden favorably with regard to development work and early commercialization of new products and services.


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