Thinking of doing business in Chile?

Business_presentation_byVectorOpenStockChile is a unique country in the South America: stable economically, politically and socially, with excellent credit ratings, famously low levels of corruption and very little violent crime, there is no other country like Chile on the whole continent. In Transparency International’s 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index, Chile obtained a score of 7.2 points, ranking among the 25 best placed economies. Chile as a country attracts both individuals and large scale investors looking for a solid base to generate attractive returns and place to expand to other countries in this region. Chile’s transparent legal system, stable and growing economy and spectacular scenery make it fantastic destination for every type of investors. Chile is considered as the best-evaluated economy in Latin America and one of the best evaluated among emerging economies in the whole world. Its persistent economic growth and social progress have been highlighted by different international organizations and in 2010 it became the first South American country which joins the OECD. From 2004 to 2011, Chile’s GDP grew at an average annual rate of 4.8%, according to the Central Bank of Chile. Experts agreed that If this trend is maintained, Chile will have South America’s second highest per capita income by 2016.


Chile is also an attractive country for doing business because of its extremely open economy. It has signed 23 free trade agreements with 60 countries, which collectively represent more than 86% of the world’s GDP, and holds double taxation agreements with 24 countries. This fact was highlighted by the Doing Business 2012 Report. Moreover Chile’s government is one of the richest governments in Latin America thanks to favorable economic policies designed to promote growth and sustainability over the long-term.


success-2The democracy of Chile is both progressive and pro-investments, each of which help to further the economy in a very beneficial way.  Chile has also been praised for its low political risk, which specifically means a low risk of expropriation, war or currency transfer. Due to these progressive policies, Chile’s government is known for supporting foreign investment and has therefore set up many tools and incentives to help foreign investors enter the Chilean market.  The presence of many multinational corporations has helped Chile to remain stable during the worldwide recession, while simultaneously increasing property values.


Chile is also first among Latin American economies in terms of business and private investment attractiveness, market access, and transportation and communication infrastructure. While the country is well known as the world’s largest exporter of copper, it’s also the fifth largest exporter of wine and a large regional producer of chemical wood pulp, fish and grapes, among other things. Chile is highly regarded within the financial community as one of the strongest investment destinations in Latin America. With its significant exposure to commodities, such as copper, the country has attracted a lot of foreign capital that has helped grow its economy. And, emerging minerals like lithium have helped keep the country’s resources in demand.



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